Mar 14

Friend Bags International

Watch Our Friend Bags Peru Video HERE!!!


On previous trips to Peru they did the following:

  • 45 fatherless children and 15 adults received 2 weeks of food.

  • 181 Friend bags including a Bible, snacks, tootbrush, and toothpaste given to Orphans

  • 50 pairs of reading glasses and 62 distance glasses distributed

  • 20 weeks of children’s vitamins given to a school of 65 orphans

  • 17 bottles of adult vitamins given to nursing mothers and elderly 103 new believers in Jesus Christ as their savior including: entire families, the mayor and planning director, 62 town department heads, 17 adults at Calvary Chapel Cajabamba, and friends and workers of those that were helping us.

  • 25 patients seen and treated by Doc Bob

  • 7 mattresses given out to needy families

  • 20 elderly supplied with hot showers, toiletries and a ramp at the nursing home

  • 101 adults and children attended church as Damon Friedman shared the Gospel

  • 2 Radio interviews broadcast to the entire town

  • 9 Security officers and 64 town officials given a motivational speech about working for the Lord Uncountable lives changed because of God’s work in Cajabamba, Peru

    In all around 700 orphans, children, parents, patients, friends, workers, shop owners, elderly, and town officials were directly ministered to by only 5 willing servants of The Most High God.