Nov 18

A message from our founder…

Whether behind a tree, or beside the road, or found eating out of a dumpster, Friend Bag Ministries will provide survival items and a Bible.














Today I wept… Friend Bags had gloves, scarves, toboggans and socks to hopefully help with the cold days and nights. After the first person saw me with gloves the others came quick. I gave out almost all when I heard a voice…”please save something for me!” I looked and a woman with a walker was trying to come as fast as she could. “Do you have some more gloves?” We did not. But Courtney gave her a bag with some supplies and socks. Courtney told her “please be real careful walking across the street. And do not forget that God will never leave you!” Tears…Another younger girl came and all we had left was a scarf. I asked her if there was something for which she needed prayer and she said she did not get her food stamps and she was hungry. We had one bag with some crackers, Vienna sausage, granola bars, raisins and we gave it to her. I told her “God knew your need before you did and gave us the ability to prepare this bag just for you.” Again, tears. Not enough for the need… but praise the Lord enough for her

.                                                                                                         Libby Stancil