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Wilmington, NC

Knightdale, NC: Met a Vietnam Vet on the street on this beautiful day… his legs look bad… he had an apple and water… nothing else. He is a Christian and “ready to go home”. Friend Bags may seem little to us but to some they are a message from Jesus. To You With Love From Jesus!

Sept 30, 2016 Cary Christian School soccer team for the 4th year prepared bags for Friend Bag Ministries to distribute. It is so exciting to see youth collect items and prepare bags for people who have such great need. Thanks Coach Eddie Thomas and soccer team! Cary Christian School Socer Team Helps the Homeless

December 14 Miami Florida

We are back in Miami searching out those in need. Photos will be posted soon. Pray for all those that will receive a gift from Jesus.

Friend Bag Ministries went into the snow to help those that live in the elements. Today FBM traveled around Akron, Ohio looking under bridges and overhangs to find men and women trying to stay warm. We found very few people standing alone. It seems that when it is this cold that everyone stays together to look out for one another. Some of the highlights of the day where the group of four that we met that were more thankful for the Bibles that they received than anything else. They even asked for extra Bibles for their friends. The photo below was taken before the snow started at 19 degrees. This man very so thankful for all the items and especially deodorant.

Friend Bag Ministries is so fortunate to be able to locate persons who have need. At a service station, we noticed a moped parked beside the dumpster and heard the door on the dumpsters squeak.  When we called out a man came around and was eating something someone had thrown in the trash. We gave him a bag of survival items along with water, potato chips, cookies, Vienna sausage, and fruit. Homeless are everywhere… beside the highway, in parks, in the woods and even in dumpsters. This is why this ministry began…one question from a 7 year old “do people really eat out of trash cans?” The tears shed last year are still shed each time we are able to touch a life with a simple bag containing the Bible and items to help a person survive for a week.


July 8 Jacksonville, Florida

“There are so many homeless here”…the words of a local police officer when we talked with him about friend bags. As we round the corner to the park following his directions we see a sea of homeless. Kids all the way to elderly. Families and individuals. 60 bags distributed in 10 minutes. Down the street, we find 7 more. Thanks to all who contributed to us so that we were able to take so many prepared bags with us.

Interstate 95 Florida




Fort Lauderdale Florida



Jacksonville Florida April 13


December 8

Akron, Ohio

It is so good to be able to give back to the community that you grew up in. That is exactly what Katrina did today. Friend Bag Ministries traveled all the way up to Akron, Ohio to take 30 bags of survival items and plenty of winter hats and glove to the many people who need them most here in the COLD north. For the next few nights, the temps will be in the 20’s so it was nice to see how much the men and women were delighted to get some warm clothing along with a Friend Bag. Oh, I almost forgot, we also gave out ponchos to everyone because it has been raining for the last few days. One man said, “Thank You, I am as wet as the AFLAC duck, but now I will be dry with my poncho!”

November 17

Moore’s Square, Raleigh NC

I cannot tell you what it meant to see this man again today! Courtney and I gave him a bag 2 weeks ago and he said that the way he knew God loved him was because we had come with the bag. But today he saw us and almost ran to get to us. He said “Do you remember me?” and I said, “Courtney tell him his name”, and she did….He grinned widely and said, “I knew you were praying for me. I just want to thank you! Your prayers were answered!!!” I asked him to tell me about it… “you said you would pray for me and you did and I got a job”. I asked him if he had read the Bible we gave him because he had promised me he would…”Yes from cover to cover…all of it”. When I asked him if he had a question he said no but that he had noticed a verse repeated often…”Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” He then said “a little child brought me that bag and I just knew you were praying for me!”

October 20

Moore’s Square, Raleigh NC
A man received Jesus as Savior after we gave him the bag and the Gospel. One young man’s feet were swollen and raw from walking so much and we gave him bandages and antiseptic that he can take care of them. Pray for these 2 people and all the 12 who received the bags today.

October 15     Rhodell, WV report:

Rhodell, WV proved to be a fantastic mission trip and we thank Shield of Faith Missions and Fishes and Loaves Ministry for inviting Friend Bag Ministries to join them. We gave out over 60 Friend Bags full of basic necessities, 4 packages of baby wipes, gloves and 15 bottles of dish detergent and all received a Bible (in all Friend Bags) and the Gospel.! But the best part is meeting people from a very different place and making new friends! Courtney kept asking which one was “homeless” and I told her that everyone had a home but they just needed some help with basic things that we take for-granted. We are so blessed!!!